Objective of IDEAHACK

IDEAHACK is meant for Dattel to get external and internal input in the form of ideas or technical concepts that allows Dattel to understand Consumer Journey better – based on the framework of 5A (Ask, Act, Advocate, Aware, Appeal) and Consumer Driven approach (bottom up).


What Idea can you submit?

  • Novel approach / way of capturing consumer data (journey, interactions, behaviour, transaction, movement, activity) using innovative techniques or innovative technological solutions
    • We are not necessarily looking at new inventions; but new application of existing technologies that overcomes issues with consumer data capturing such as manual human input requiring respondents to think and recall things (e.g. purchases, usage, actions, etc) which lead to inaccurate, unreliable data
    • For those with existing apps or solutions, it could be tweaking the ways and types of data captured to be in line with Dattel’s 5A framework (Ask, Act, Advocate, Aware, Appeal)

  • Novel approach / way of analysing or visualizing consumer data (journey, interactions, behaviour, transaction, movement, activity, value system) using innovative techniques, algorithms, theories, scientific studies, technological solutions
    • We want to explore new ways to look at consumer data that will help Dattel define the consumer journey – based on Dattel’s approach of 5As and Consumer Driven (Bottom Up)
    • We want to discover new thinking, algorithm or models that can be applied to various types of consumer data along the consumer journey to uncover insights into consumer behaviour

Submission Template

  • Document Submission
    • Format: ppt, pptx, pdf, doc, google docs
  • Document Sections:
    • Description of Idea
      • Overview of what the idea is (e.g. data capture methodology / tool / technology)
      • Description of the idea
      • Can be accompanied by graphics if it helps to explain the idea better
    • Area of Consumer Journey tackled
      • Indicate where in the 5A consumer journey (Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act, Advocate) value chain your proposed solution can be applied to (can be more than one)
      • Indicate the type(s) of data that can be captured or analyzed or visualized
    • Technical concept / Implementation
      • Explain how the idea can be implemented. Can be conceptual or contextual depending on the idea you are submitting.
      • Include diagrams and graphics if it helps to explain better
    • Team member brief
      • Highlight background of each team members especially involvement in areas of statistical analysis, analytics, data management, research, social studies, psychology, consumer sciences and business. Share relevant projects involvement and work or study experience.
  • Video Guideline:
    • 3-minute to max of 5-minute video
      • To be uploaded onto a video sharing or file sharing platform (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, etc) and share the link with us
    • Brief overview of the items covered in the Document Submission
    • Can include diagrams to help explanation
    • Video Pitch to be done in English language


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